Saturday, June 6, 2009

MIsc Ramblings on Traveling, Internet and Blogs

I read an article and a discussion before I left on how advanced Europe had become over the US with wireless and being connected. Sadly, at least for travelers, its simply not true. I had depended on this and have found myself unable to upload photos, share info from the road or email.
In larger cities and better hotels, they have WiFi but it is extremely undependable. I have found throughout Italy, the slighest rainstorm seems to take it out for days. There are internet points and cafes, but who wants to spend hours sitting in one when you are suppose to be on vacation? When using their computers, you have no way to upload photos, especially with restrictions on attaching outside devices. So while I imagined relaxing after a long day of sightseeing, glass of vino beside my laptop as I recorded the days events - well it just did not turn out that way.
In addition, when it comes to getting on line nobody rides for free - at least not in Europe. In the US, mid-priced hotels often have WiFi or a business center for their customers at no charge. Here, even four and five star hotels charge for internet access. In London at the Kensington Holiday Inn you can expect to pay about twelve to thirteen US dollars per hour for access. In Italy and France, it is averaging around seven US dollars per hour. Granted the exchange rate does not help, but it remains cyber-highway robbery.

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